jo going and her art

mixed media painting/sculpture, oil paint on canvas on wood, watercolor on formed paper, birch saplings, video, arctic tundra animal bones , variable dimensions

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RELIQUARY, front right section

RELIQUARY, detail 2, front right

RELIQUARY, detail , front right, lynx skull

RELIQUARY, center and back section

RELIQUARY, detail center, caribou antlers

RELIQUARY, detail center back section, bear skull

RELIQUARY, detail center back section, bear skull

RELIQUARY, back right section

RELIQUARY, back right , musk ox skull

RELIQUARY, detail, back right, musk ox skull

RELIQUARY, stacked beaver skulls

RELIQUARY,stacked moose antlers

RELIQUARY, caribou ribs

RELIQUARY, bison skull

RELIQUARY, marten jaw bone

RELIQUARY, caribou hip bone

RELIQUARY, lynx skull

RELIQUARY, wolf skull

RELIQUARY, caribou ankle cones, caribou ribs

RELIQUARY, caribou spine

RELIQUARY, fox skull

RELIQUARY, moose hip bone

RELIQUARY, marten pelt, marten skull
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